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It represents your values, memories, and rituals

Inspired by Travel, Culture and Faith. 

Jewelry & candles that are symbolic to your place in time. Our timeline collections are a physical representation of the intangible.

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The chic gift box beautifully enhances and protects every inspired jewelry piece.

Timeline Jewelry

Jewelry is wearable art, and therefore subjective in the eye of each individual. As unique as you are. Each piece is created with an artist’s vision and given meaning by the sum of your life’s experiences.

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Timeline Candles

Ceaque timeline candles tap into your sensory memory through nostalgic scents. It radiates an essence of connection, adventure, passion, love, hope and spirituality,

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Vibrant, Exciting and Ever-Changing

New York Coordinates Candle
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Wander Away Gold Jewelry Coordinates Bar Necklace with adjustable chain. Rumi Quote Printed on Olive Green Message Card. Packaged Securely in Free Chic Gift Box for Gifting to loved ones celebrating an special occassion.

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